How To Get Rid of Water Stains From Couches?

We make a lot of effort to buy expensive couches and it is important to maintain them to prolong their life span. Many types of stains can be found on the couches but water stains are the most common stain that can cause a lot of damage if not treated on time. Before knowing about the steps to get rid of the water stains you must know that water stains are only caused in fabric couches as they penetrate inside the fabric. Leather couches don’t allow any water to settle into them. You can hire professional CBD Couch cleaning Hobart‘s cleaners to get rid of the water stains effectively. Some homemade remedies and steps are useful in getting rid of the water stains from the fabric couches. To know about how to get rid of water stains from couches read the blog carefully. 

Remove Water Stains From Couches

Check The Fabric Of The Couch Before Cleaning Them 

The first step to getting rid of the water stain is by checking the label. Most companies provide information about the type of fabric and also the ways you can use it to clean the couch. It is important to know about the fabric of your couch before getting an idea about how to get rid of water stains from couches. 

Removing Water Stains From Couches Using White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is one of the best solutions for cleaning the couch. This solution helps to remove water stains from the couches. 

Steps To Get Rid Of The Stains From The Couches Using White Vinegar  

Step 1- Firstly take a cloth and soak it in white vinegar and make sure to wring it so it doesn’t drip. 

Step 2- Before starting the cleaning process you should apply the soaked cloth to the backside of the couch to make sure that it doesn’t cause any fading of the area. This step is very important to avoid any damage. 

Step 3- Move the vinegar-dampened cloth to the stain and dab the cloth slowly on the stained area. Then move to the middle of the stain and be careful because you don’t have to rub it but dab it slowly. This helps in removing the stains and it won’t harm the fabric too. This is one of the best steps for your question about how to get rid of water stains from the couches.

Step 4- Once the stained area is completely dabbed with a dash of white vinegar, you should leave the vinegar on the couch for about 20 minutes. This is to make sure that the stain is being removed thoroughly. Later dip a clean cloth into lukewarm water and wring it out. Dab this cloth on the stained area the same as before. Slowly dab it into the middle of the stain. You should repeat this process until the stain completely disappears. This step is important to get rid of water stains from the couches.  

Step 5- Use a hair dryer to completely dry the area. This will prevent mould growth and also help in removing the bad smell from the couch. 

Removing Stains From Lemon Juice- Lemon juice is also one of the best natural ways to remove stains from the couches. 

Steps Involved In Lemon Juice Process- 

Step 1- Take two freshly squeezed lemons and mix them with a cup of hot water. 

Step 2- Use a soft, clean cloth and apply the solution and make sure you cover all the area properly without soaking it. 

Step 3- Let the solution soak for around 10 minutes to let the citric acid get rid of the stains. Citric acid can break down many types of stains. 

Step 4- Apply a little more solution to the stain, it will help in getting rid of the stains completely. This time use a soft toothbrush and gently rub over the stain. 

Step 5- Once the stain gets cleared use a clean damp cloth to dab the area. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed. Later dry the area using a clean, dry towel. 

Step 6- Use a dryer to blow dry the area at a low speed to avoid the growth of mould on the couch. 

Hire Professionals- Save Your Couch

Professional cleaners will not only remove the stains but will also help in prolonging the lifespan of the couches. Various companies provide couch cleaning services at reasonable prices. We would suggest you hire the professional cleaners of CBD Couch cleaning Hobart if you live in Hobart. They offer all kinds of couch cleaning services at low prices. They have a team of experienced cleaners with years of experience. They have the answers to your question about how to get rid of water stains from couches. Experts are top-class cleaners and well equipped with all the cleaning tools. The choice is yours, whether you want to follow the given methods or take professional help.  

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