How Do Professionals Clean Leather Sofas?

If you treat your leather sofa properly then they last long. However, you cannot keep the leather sofa deeply clean by yourself. Thus for maintaining the proper shine of your leather sofa you need to hire a professional for cleaning it. You can hire Couch cleaning Hobart because they provide professional leather couch cleaning services.  Further, professionals know the best methods to treat dirty leather sofas. In this article, we will be explaining to you: how do professionals clean leather sofas. Professionals know every safe method to clean the leather sofa. Thus read the below article to know how professionals clean the leather sofa effectively and safely. 

Professionals Clean Leather Sofas

Effective Steps Professionals Use To Clean Leather Sofa 

Before starting the process of how professionals clean the leather sofa, you must be clear about the things which they use while providing service. Thus the below things that professionals use are: 

  • Leather conditioner or cleaner 
  • Dish soap 
  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Baking soda 

Let’s discuss the process of how do professionals clean leather sofas.


Professionals will start by vacuuming the leather sofa to eliminate crumbs from it. After vacuuming, professionals will dust the leather sofa to remove the remaining lingering dirt. Luckily the leather sofa is not porous like a normal sofa, that’s why it is easy to clean. Thus professionals also remove the cushion to clean the leather sofa undersides. Moreover, professionals use industry-approved vacuums for deep leather sofa cleaning. 


Now professionals will move to tackle stains. Nevertheless, experts will take a clean bowl of warm water. After taking a warm water bowl, the professional will dip a soft cloth in it. Regardless, a warm water bowl must have a dishwasher/cleaner in it. Then they rub that soft cloth on the stain in a circular motion. However, they don’t rub roughly as it will cause the leather sofa to wear and tear. Further, if it’s a grease stain on the leather sofa then experts suggest using the baking soda stain. 


After cleaning the stain from the leather sofa, a professional will dry the sofa. Thus professionals never skip the step of drying up the leather sofa. As professionals know, water tends to harm and weaken the leather sofa. That is why it’s best to dry the sofa from top to bottom. 


Professionals also use certain special cleaners for leather sofa cleaning. Thus by using the leather cleaner professionals will break the dust and stain from the sofa, and make them look new. However, some leather sofas need both treatments which are conditioning and cleaning. Further professionals will spray the cleaner on a cloth rather than directly on the leather sofa. Moreover, professionals will even make sure to clean every corner of the leather sofa and the edges too. 


Now, professionals will firstly clean all the cleaners from the sofa before conditioning. The experts will use the safe conditioner for cleaning the leather sofa. Thus apply that conditioner to the small portion of the cloth. Thus professionals suggest conditioning because it contains oil and helps in removing smells from your leather sofa. Hence conditioner will also make your leather sofa look fresh. 


So, after the professional finished cleaning the leather sofa with conditioner. The professional will leave the conditioner for one hour. Thus this will make the conditioner seep into the leather sofa. Hence by doing this professionals will make your leather sofa like you have just bought it. 

NOTE: Professionals will always make sure to use less harmful solutions like alcohol. Thus, alcohol solutions will tend to harm the leather sofa adversely. 

How You Can Take Care Of Your Leather Sofa At Home? 

With some quick steps, you can also clean your leather sofa at home. Thus below are some steps for how you can clean your leather sofa at home: 

  • Firstly, regularly maintain your leather sofa. Moreover, inspect the leather sofa at regular intervals. 
  • Moreover, always make sure to place the leather sofa away from the direct sun rays and heat. Because putting a leather sofa under direct sun rays, makes it discoloured. 
  • Use the vacuum on alternative days to clean dirt from your leather sofa. This is to make sure that no dust enters and your leather sofa cracks. 
  • However, to remove stains from your leather sofa you can use the lemon treatment. Thus mix the lemon juice with tartar. Hence put this mixture on the leather sofa for 10 to 15 minutes.  
  • Moreover, you can also use baking soda for removing any type of stain from your leather sofa. 


How do professionals clean leather sofas? The above steps have cleared the queries. Thus the above steps that professionals follow are very effective to clean the leather sofa. But always make sure that you hire a certified expert for cleaning the leather sofa. You can also use the above DIY methods for cleaning the leather sofa at home. 

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