How To Deep Clean a Couch Cushion

The couch is where friends, family, and loved ones gather to sit down and enjoy a simple chat and movie night. If you have a pet, the couch begins accumulating everything from stains, dirt, and a bunch of hair. Many people use simple cleaning methods like wiping and dusting, but these ways clean the couch and leave residual grime. Read in this blog How to deep clean a couch cushion.

On the other hand, many people often hire home cleaning services, which can provide sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, lounge cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Many measures can be taken to keep your couch and its cushion clean. These methods are vacuum clean only, baking soda and vacuum, white vinegar and water, and sanitary wipes. Along with these, you may have to use vacuum cleaners, bristle brushes, streamers, and many more. You can hire Couch cleaning Hobart for best services.

Deep Clean a Couch Cushion

Here Is The Step By Steps Guide on How To Deep Clean a Couch Cushion in Different Ways to Win The Battle Against Dust, Dirt and Grime:

  • Instructions and Review Cleaning Tag

When individuals ask how to clean the couch at home, many questions arise in their minds. Leather, velvet, upholstered, cotton, etc. are types of couches. The tag that is attached to the couch itself consists of the instructions. It holds the key to how to clean the couch. Some instructions are tough to understand due to the letters and symbols. 

The tag is not only found on the couch but also on the couch accessories and couch cushions that come with the couch. The information on How to deep clean a couch cushion is detrimental to exploring how to clean the couch if you use a product not suggested in the product tag. It would mean something from loose threads to eventually wear and tear. 

  • Vacuuming the surface 

Many individuals miss the important step of removing all surface objects, such as crumbs, loose hairs, and dust. If you do not want to end up cleaning the couch without removing the micro bacteria infestations, you must not leave this step. This is a great way to remove the subtle imperfections by completely vacuuming the couch. 

The vacuum comes with different extensions that bring easier cleanings. Vacuums are used easily on different fabrics. The alternative, in this case, is to remove the cushion covers or sofa covers and shake them until the hair, dust, and crumbs remove from the couch completely. This will help to prepare the couch cushion for further cleaning steps. 

  • Target the stains

Removing the stain is quite infuriating, whether done by yourself or another individual. We must refer to the manufacturer tag when we talk about the stains. This will also help you to understand the type of couch cleaner to be used. If it is observed as the homemade cleaner, then it is suggested to test first the cleaner in the little area of the cushion for safety. 

  • Magic of washing soda 

There are many economic soft cleaning products available. When you think about How to deep clean a couch cushion and clean the upholstery. Use washing soda while cleaning the couch cushion. It is an extremely useful product for deep cleaning the couch cushion. 

Using washing soda helps remove the disgusting odour that your couch cushion emits. Clean the couch cushion in a solution of washing soda and water. This can remove various stains and odours.  

  • Baking soda, vinegar, and distilled water

The cushions are the crucial part of the couch as it is used to feel more comfortable. It will mean that the cushions are the dirtiest part of the couch because of their overuse. You can use baking soda, vinegar, and distilled water solution to clean couch cushions. You can also wash them in the laundry if the manufacturer’s label allows. However, also ensure to use the gentle cycle to protect fabric and colours. 

  • Steam cleaning 

Some fabrics are cleaned with steam cleaning. This cleans your couch cushion smoothly. The process of steam cleaning the couch is less difficult when you know how to use a steam cleaner. 

This process is not only responsible for the removal of bacteria and completing sanitization but also, without chemicals, it makes a couch cushion stain-free, odour-free and more. The steam cleaning process consists of the use of high temperatures that helps to break down the dirt and turns aid in illuminating the fabric colours. For the steam cleaning, you have to follow the given steps.

  • You will first have to vacuum the couch cushion to remove the debris and dust that the couch may hold. While vacuuming, it is suggested to utilize the cushioning attachments for efficient and accurate cleaning. 
  • Before starting the steam cleaning, you have to review the manufacturer’s guide and ensure that the steam cleaner is used in the relevant settings. 
  • Drying 

Let the couch cushions, fabric, and other couch attachments completely dry before sitting down. This process will take some time, so you are suggested to use the fan or natural air. 


The role of maintaining the clean couch and cushions goes beyond the impressionable aesthetic conclusion that is part of the hygienic routine. It is important to clean all dust and dirt completely from the couch cushion because it plays a role in your overall health. The individuals who face asthmatic symptoms, the children, elderly are easily affected due to debris or dust that are held by the couch. We hope these steps will help you to deep clean the couch cushion. You definitely get a clean couch cushion if you properly follow the above ways. 

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