How Much Does it Cost to Get a Sofa Cleaned?

Most upholstery cleaning costs are calculated on an item-by-item basis. You can significantly reduce your costs if there is only one item that requires cleaning. The entire cost of washing your sofa will depend on its size, with 2-seater sofas naturally being less expensive to clean than 4-seaters or L-shaped sofas. A trained cleaner may charge more if your sofa contains delicate or speciality materials since they may need specialised cleaning agents or tools to finish the task. Sofa cleaning costs around $15 to $200 per piece The price you must pay to get your sofa cleaned depends on several things. Many different types of upholstered furniture, including armchairs, couches, office and dining chairs, bed headboards, mattresses, and more, have been cleaned successfully by experts throughout the years. In this blog, we will outline, how much does it cost to get a sofa cleaned?

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Sofa Cleaned

Price Factors for Sofa Cleaning Include:

You might be curious as to why expert sofa cleaning prices vary from business to business. The rationale is that each firm has a unique set of processes and policies for estimating prices. The following is an outline of the primary elements that affect sofa cleaning costs:

  • Furniture style and number: The range is  $200 to $250. Whether you reserve an upholstery cleaning services for a two- or three-seated armchair, a four-person L-shaped sofa, etc., the costs will vary.
  • Scheduling: In some circumstances, such as when scheduling on a holiday, the cost could be slightly higher than when scheduling a sofa cleaning during regular business hours. It differs from $30 to $40 per seat. 
  • Stain protection application: For an extra fee of $30 per seat, a stain treatment can be put on the fabric of your sofa upon request. To prevent stains from soaking into the fabric, the surface is treated with stain protectors like Scotchgard.
  • Fabric kind and cleaning technique: The price of cleaning will vary according to the sofa cleaning technique that is best for your furniture.
  • Charges for additional services: $10 per seat. You may choose to book an upholstery cleaning along with another service, such as sanitising, deodorising, or even stain treatment.

Sofas tend to be among the first items of furniture to show signs of visible scuffing, and they may rapidly become an annoyance. Providers often need access to the material and upholstery to clean a sofa. It also means that the cost of cleaning a sofa will vary depending on how difficult the process is. In general, more difficult tasks will cost higher than easier ones. The presence of rugs or carpets, and any particular factors, such as fur from pets or smoke damage, are some variables that might impact the cost of a sofa cleaning. Additionally, some service providers might put on an extra charge for dry cleaning sofas.

Different Sofa Cleaning Prices:

It’s crucial to understand the many sorts of sofas and how much it will cost to maintain them if you’re thinking about purchasing a new one. Among other things, cleaning a sofa may involve removing fur, dust, and other debris. Following is a list of the most popular sofa types along with their prices:

  • Leather sofas: $55 per seat. Due to their propensity to house more dust mites and grime than other varieties of sofas, leather couches are the costliest to clean. Leather is a natural fabric that absorbs water; thus, it takes them longer to dry. To clean a leather sofa, you will need warm water and Barrett scouring powder.
  • Fabric sofas:  $25 per seat. Compared to leather sofas, fabric sofas are cheaper to clean and tend to hold less filth and dust mites. You’ll need soap, water, and a sofa that is made of fabric.
  • Microfiber sofas: $35 per standard seat. Because they don’t retain as much dust or dirt mites, microfiber sofas tend to be the most affordable sort of sofa to purchase. You’ll require warm water. 


Maintaining a sofa in good shape is crucial because they may be expensive investments. The price to clean a sofa varies according to its size, fabric, and condition. Consult a professional if you’re unclear about if your sofa needs to be cleaned. If there are any issues with the furniture, they can identify them and estimate the cost($20 to $250 per project) of cleaning them.

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